About Us


Experimental – Simplicity - Modern

These following aspects define the unique tone, manner, and style we use to express LIVINGBONE’s personality, both verbally and visually. We define products as an artificial object to create experimental gears and applying our ideas on the selected material.

Unrestricted ourselves to the ideas that can inspire us. Explore various kinds of things and pour these ideas into finished products. Always looking forward to being able to produce cutting-edge products.

Influences us from the very start and always be in our minds. Focus on certain points and aspects and trying to make them different and unique.

The last thing is Modern, being used as the approach when making products. By forming Modern as a key value, we hope to always consistently develop innovative products in the future.

All of this process is required to create products that are aesthetic and also has attention to details.

LIVINGBONE is based and operated in Indonesia since 2014.